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A Kirkus Review

It feels great! It feels great! Worth repeating! Yesterday I received my KIRKUS REVIEW for my debut young adult novel - MISTAKEN IDENTITY. And....they liked it! They REALLY liked it! I feel like Sally Field accepting her Oscar. When it appeared on my computer screen I was wishing someone was home to read it first. I don't know about you but I'm not always so sure my writing is, well you know, the best. So, I kind of peeked at it in small doses and the more I read the more the anxiety subsided.

Then, I was on the last few sentences -

"Written in a light, easy style, Tuesday's story of emotional emancipation is one that any teenager can appreciate. Eadie's work stands out from the usual teen novel: It doesn't glamorize Tuesday's celebrity life but highlights the loneliness it brings. The protagonist is a well-drawn, likable heroine whose impossible home life makes her sympathetic.
An insightful but also fun tale about a young celebrity taking charge of her life."

So thrilled as you can imagine if you've ever been critiqued. I'm also riding that Cloud Nine for finishing my work-in-progress - LYING DOWN IN WIREGRASS. I really enjoyed writing this young adult story. The characters were so much fun I wish they were friends of mine! Hoping to submit it soon - but first must have it edited. And, I'm sure you writers understand that necessity.

If you're interested in reading the KIRKUS REVIEW here's the link:

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