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Who is my audience really?

I was laying in bed this morning. Yes, that's right I don't have to go to work...well, not that kinda get-up-jump-in-the-shower-throw-on-some-clothes-and-hope-for-the-best kinda work anymore. I was pondering who is really my reading audience? Or, I should probably reword that - who will be my readers? Of course, I want my friends and family to indulge in my work, but I truly would prefer teens to check it out. But adults are actually the gatekeepers to books for teenagers. So, I must please them first. I was wondering though if my book - MISTAKEN IDENTITY - may be one of those that makes the cut on the Banned Book List. There are those words in it. Geez, but keep it real, right? On the cutting edge, push the limits, and reflect their world.

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