lindaleadie (lindaleadie) wrote,

Galley has arrived!!!

I rode my bicycle to the mailbox yesterday. Yes, bicycle. Yep. I love my bike. I didn't especially like the one I had as a kid growing up. I preferred my brother's cool stingray with the banana seat, but mom didn't see it that way - I was not allowed to borrow his. So, I rode the ugly bike while all my friends had the cool bikes, like my brother. Sometimes I would prefer to ride on their handlebars instead of climbing on board my Peewee Herman looking purple ride. Do you blame me? Things like that bike could place you into a category you may not ever be able to dig your way out of. Mom just didn't get it. But now I have a bike that surprisingly reminds me of my ugly bike. And, I love it! Funny how trends change. Well, back to that mailbox. You see, my driveway is looong so my dog and I head out - him galloping behind my bike. He loves my bike too, since I don't run. Gave that sport up when my knees cried "pronation!" Walking is now my exercise of choice...and bicycling. But not in the bicycle apparel you see on guys as you pass them on the shoulder of the road. Oh geez! No way! I don't wear a helmet or girdle shorts. Besides, I'm just cruising. Around the neighborhood. No big hurry. Just cruisin'. Hey, I could be inside inhaling Oreos and watching This Old House on TV. Give me a break. A short one, please. So, I reach inside the box and....there IT is!!! My galley of my debut young adult novel - MISTAKEN IDENTITY! I can't ride my bike fast enough back to the house to release it from it's paper wrapper! My dog is just as excited as I am as he passes in front of me narrowly missing my front tire! Dang dog! Somehow I made it un-knee-battered and into the house. Dogs just don't get it sometimes. I pulled the book out of its cocoon and stared at it. Yes, that's the title and my name on the front cover. I turned it over. Yes, that's me on the back cover. I showed it to my dog. He smiled. Maybe dogs do get it.
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