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Idea wedgies

It's happened again - another story idea. I'll write it down in my to-be-written-novels notebook, before I forget it. Sometimes these ideas fight for life and become wedgies. At times I can put them to rest by just writing a first page or chapter, other times I have to set aside what I'm writing and give in to these idea wedgies. But it's really cool how I never know when this seed will get planted however I'm always happy when it does take root. Sometimes I can be just sitting and watching others and BAM! an idea for another book will practically knock me over. I love it when that happens. Of course real life we read about in newspapers can make us take notice, and our very own experiences and memories can eventually creep to the surface of our minds and we say, "Wow! that would be a really cool story!" That's just what happened with my current WIP - Lying Down in Wiregrass. I remembered this gorgeous guy that sat in front of me in high school during study hall. He was a senior and I was a freshman plebe. Of course he never noticed me, but boy oh boy did I check him out. Everyday! I used to lean forward and try to smell him and touch his jacket's collar that was visible from hanging his coat on the back of his chair. And, there you go - he became my main character's love interest.
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